I've got two sheets of ply, a fishing rod,

and a tolerant wife . . .

What if  I could earn the equivalent of the UK Minimum Wage by catching fish from the sea and selling it direct to the kitchens of my neighbourhood?

If such an enterprise were feasible it might offer me a nicer way of life than many of the lower-paid jobs on offer around these parts - as we say here in Cornwall - where I live.

I’d like to try it for the buzz, and for the story that it might become, and also because I sense that our oceans are often fished quite brutally these days and I fancy exploring whether there’s potential for a gentler style of commercial fishing to thrive.

What if indeed - well it won't all be plain sailing that's for sure. But I’ve done a fair bit of research on this and I do know at least some of my strengths and weaknesses for such a venture. I’ve worked as a commercial fisherman in the past – so I’ve seen how difficult it is to earn a living from the sea. I know how difficult it is to catch fish, I know how difficult it is to fetch a fair price while the fish are still fresh, and I know how easy it is to get lured into a vicious cycle of chasing fish to cover overheads.


So I’ve reflected on my past endeavours and their shortcomings, and I’ve sought a simpler scheme with less of the burdens that weigh down the bulk of the UK's commercial fishers.​ I’ll be lightening the pressure to land high-volume catches by gutting my overheads, and I plan to boost the value of my catch by selling fresh line-caught fish directly to the end-user, and I'll be widening my choice of fishing grounds with a more nimble setup.

If I can make it pay, then so could others. So what if a hundred people were out earning the equivalent of the UK’s minimum wage by catching fish from the sea and selling it direct to the kitchens of their neighbourhoods? Well, it would be a good thing. This is a kindly kind of harvest of the sea, I call it Guerrilla Fishing, I think it could be a thing - and that’s what this blog is about.

This is guerrilla fishingit's an experiment - is it a thing? . . .


Let's see if it's enough


to build 


commercial fishing



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